Start Your Team Here

Combine the excitement of sports, science and technology, business management, marketing, and fundraising while competing with your teammates in a unique varsity Sport for the Mind™. In just six weeks with the guidance of adult Mentors, your team will design, build, program and test your robot to meet the season’s challenge.

Are you new to FIRST and would like to start your own team?  Use the below links to help you get started.

Start your team here!!!

Start your funding process here!!!

Idaho contact to help you get started


One thought on “Start Your Team Here

  1. Hello
    I am looking for a way to have my 2 Freeman Robotics team compete in the 2021 competition. We were going to run in Spokane but they canceled the event. My kids work hard and the competition is the reward. Is there anyway we can fold in with North Idaho. We are only a few miles from state line.
    Thank you


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