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September 12—”FLL Team Expectations”:  presentation, project, basic training, Core Values, and a general overview of the FLL season.  Presented by FLL state leader, Kelsey Margulieux.

September 19—FTC “What you need to learn”: programming, building skills, etc.  Presented by FTC state leader Angela Lierman and the members of Haywired FTC team 18095.

September 26—FRC “How to Preference and what to expect with FIRST Choice”. Presented by Matt Alexander, Lead Mentor for Haywire Robotics Team 1569.

October 3—FLL “Rules and Refereeing” Presented by Doug Reece Idaho State Head Referee.

October 10—FTC “Rules and Refereeing”

October 17—FRC “Scholarships and How to talk to a Judge, Vicki Burrow”

November 7—FLL “What to expect in Judging” Presented by our north Idaho area leaders, Jamie Sherman and Nicole Frens.

FLL Judging Rubrics

November 21—FRC “How to keep your robot running through final matches” Presented by Scott Stoller, Electrical Mentor for Team Tators 2122

Electrical Systems Presentation

December 5—FLL “General Knowledge/Open Forum” Presented by Lee Coulson our Treasure Valley area leader.

December 12—FTC “What to expect in Judging”. Couch Bananas and Angela Lierman.

December 19—FRC “General Knowledge/Open Forum”

January 23rd – FTC General Knowledge/Open Forum – Team 5026 Tesla Coils

02-28-2023 – FTC CAD Skills Training – Bodie and Haywired Robotics