Our Teams in Idaho

Meet our Idaho FRC Teams!!!

LogoTeam 1566 “Ammo Knights”
It is the mission of the Ammoknights, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to provide a fun and uplifting environment for members to learn and improve their scientific and technical skills. While working together to gain a head start for life after high school, we will better ourselves and learn to exemplify gracious professionalism. In doing so we will become a team that is efficient, cooperative and well rounded.

Team 1569 “HayWire”haywire-1569
Haywire Robotics, Team 1569 in Pocatello Idaho, strives to accomplish FIRST®‘s mission in inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders while fostering well-rounded individuals with self-confidence, communication and leadership skills . An important factor with our team is that we allow all students the opportunity to generate ideas, make decisions, and actively involve themselves in team projects. Winning for our team has little to do with awards and medals and more do with the advancement of students into successful people. Haywire Robotics Team 1569 was started for the 2005 season as one of the first two FIRST®  Robotics’ teams in Idaho.

Team 3562 “LiveWire”
4H LiveWire logo
4H LiveWire Robotics is a three time Chairman’s winning community based FRC team affiliated with Idaho State University Robotics. Located in Pocatello, 4H LiveWire team members come from Pocatello’s three high schools as well as two area high schools (Blackfoot and Marsh Valley) and home school. In addition to building our robot each year, the 4H LiveWire team is dedicated to extensive community service and outreach. We strive to inspire the community and spread STEM education through community service and by offering robotics summer camps (in Pocatello and Blackfoot) and free technology classes to senior citizens. We have a broad Literacy Platform with four original robot storybooks as well as our robot shaped mobile Little Free Library-STEM Edition. Please visit our website at LiveWireRobotics.com or Facebook page: Facebook.com/LiveWireRobotics to view our many community activities and global endeavors.

Team 1891 “The Bullbots”            bullbots
FIRST Team 1891 – “The Bullbots” – is a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team based in Boise, Idaho. The Bullbots are the first established team in the Treasure Valley/Boise, ID. We have helped branch out to many other students to create neighboring teams. We started in 2006 with the help of Micron and other sponsors. We have sought to promote FIRST values and invite more students to participate in FIRST. We have attended the local BSU Stem Day to promote our team, FIRST, and interest in STEM. Other community involvements vary from Demonstrations, Large Service Programs and First Lego League Camps. We hope to encourage more STEM interest and community growth through our efforts.

In 2006, the Bullbots competed in their first FRC competition. As rookies, the team’s primary focus was on building our robot. Since then, FIRST Team 1891 has grown into a true “team” and works to promote FIRST robotics, and engineering in general, throughout the community. Along with workshops and demonstrations, the Bullbots proudly host FIRST LEGO® Robotics Camps – a wildly successful program that gets children involved in the world of engineering and has itself spawned several FIRST LEGO® League (FLL) teams throughout the area.

Ultimately, the Bullbots have become a real club: working, sharing and giving back to the community year-round.

Team 2122 “Team Tators”       tator-logo-transparent

Team Tators was founded in 2007 and has received sustaining sponsorship from tremendous sponsors including the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Trinity Trailer, Trailers Plus, The Jeker Foundation, Solidworks, the Micron Foundation and HP. 
                           Team Tators is hosted by Treasure  Math and Science and the Boise School district.

·         First competed in 2007

·         Participated in the FRC World Championship in 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015,
       2014, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2008

·         In 2019, 2017, 2016 won their sub division at the World Championships and competed on
      the Einstein Field

·         Team members get a kick out of competing to learn

Team 2130 Alpa +

2130 Alpha +This year, Team 2130 Alpha+ proudly celebrates our thirteenth season. We have proven that “from small beginnings come great things,” emerging from relative obscurity into a team committed to transforming culture. We inspire our local youth to be 21st century STEM leaders by overcoming barriers, gaining real-world skills and embracing the FIRST mission.

NaskOrpians 2594Team 2594 “NASKcorpions”

Our organization is NASKCO Robotics. We are comprised of students from all three high schools in the Nampa School District. The robotics program serves multiple robotics teams.  NASKCO is in its third year as a VEX Robotics team. NASKCO has and will continue to look to sponsor and support other robotics teams in the district such as FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Lego League (FLL), both are part of the FIRST Robotics program. You may learn more about FIRST

Team 3145 “The TeraViks”
Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Team 4175 “Code Summit”
Driggs Idaho

Team 5461 “The Victorian Engineered Robotic Nation (V.E.R.N.)”vern_color
V.E.R.N. has fifteen team members attending classes at ten different schools in four school districts plus several homeschooling teens from across the Treasure Valley!  V.E.R.N. is excited to be the only Explorer Post and Explorer Club in the Ore-Ida Learning for Life/Boy Scouts of America Council.  V.E.R.N. has AMAZING mentors including six FRC Alumni from four teams.  V.E.R.N. is grateful for the gracious support from all of our sponsors especially Micron Foundation and Open Lab Idaho.

Steampunk since Recycle Rush!  TAKE THE EGG!!!!  


Team 5871 “The Chickadees”chickadee_cropped

The Chickadees, FRC Team 5871, are a girl-founded FIRST Robotics team sponsored by the Boise State University College of Engineering.  The Chickadees are an inclusive team that is open to all genders, races, ethnicities, and abilities.  We aim to inspire future generations in STEM by ensuring that all members take an active role in team leadership and all aspects of building the robot and running the team. This team was founded, in part, to inspire girls to enter STEM fields where they have historically been underrepresented.

Logo Edit Simple

Team 6358 “Buhlean Operators”
The Buhlean Operators, FRC Team 6358, located in Buhl Idaho are excited to be 1 of just 2 Idaho Rookie teams that participated in FIRST STEAMWORKS. Based out of Buhl High School, our team has benefited from the mentoring of 4H LiveWire Robotics, FRC Team 3562.  For our rookie season, we’ve focused on building a fast and reliable robot that delivers gears and consistently climbs. We’re eager to share our robot with the community and look forward to hosting several off-season activities +
to showcase our robot and further spread the message of FIRST in the Magic Valley.


Team 7985 The TroBots

Trobots Logo

The Homedale Trobots have taken their supporting Homedale High School trojan mascot and have turned it robo! With a team of 13 students and two teacher mentors, the Trobots are bringing the Homedale Way of positive attitudes, prioritizing safety, respecting others, being responsible for yourself, and showing grit into their building process and competitions. Since their debut rookie season in 2019, the team has grown to understand the importance of engineering for efficiency and having fun while doing it! The Trobots would like to thank Idaho Stem Action Center, Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, and Agri-Lines Irrigation for their financial support. 

a Moore Cunningham Foundation, and FIRST Inspires for their generous grants which provided them funding to form the team.  They would also like to thank the other Idaho teams for their fantastic guidance and key support in our rookie season.

8546 – /N – Line Break – Eagle Idaho

8550 – Jackson Alliance – New Plymouth Idaho

8551 – RoNecks – Lewiston Idaho

8756 – Technomancers – Twin Falls Idaho

8820 – GV Robotics – Garden Valley Idaho

8839 – Shoshone 22 – Shoshone Idaho