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  1. Good Morning,
    Northwest Nazarene University will be a sponsor this year at the Idaho Regional Robotics Competition. In order for me to send in our sponsorship check I would like to request a W-9 form from your organization please.
    Thank you!


  2. How about making it easier to find where the competition is being held? Like under “About the Regional”? Also, something seems wrong with the Contact Us interface—there’s no box to put a message in. I had to “Leave a Reply” to this thread.


    1. I received your message. You bring up a good point. I will include that in the website. The event is actually being held at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa Idaho. The dates are March 28 – 30th.


  3. Is there any more information on the team social ( on the Idaho Regional for Friday night schedule )? I cannot find any information about it.


  4. I’m a little confused because the national FIRST site says “all season play” is suspended. But the Idaho FRC site has a document suggesting that the Idaho competition is going forward… is that just because you are still writing an update? It would be helpful to put dates on those information release documents… Thanks.


    1. Appreciate the feedback. For the most updated information about events of our regional our facebook page has the newest information. You are right the website has not been updated. We all understand that all FIRST events have been suspended with the World Championships being cancelled. At this point we are taking stocking, pausing for a moment on what the next step is for our regional. Once we have that decided we will get that out for everyone with an announcement.

      thanks again
      Idaho FRC Regional


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